Corporate Social Responsability


CGS Group supports Intervita in the promotion and defence of the rights of children and women in Italy and all over the world.

Specifically, the CGS Group supports the education of Abdul, Neema, Yakubu, Arafat, Prisca, Aziza in Tanzania for a better future.

In Tanzania Intervita aims to improve the quality of education and guarantee the protection of children's rights, with particular focus on constructing new classrooms and distributing new textbooks to school children.

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CGS Group is part of the network of businesses which have partnered with Romagna Solidale. The Romagna Solidale Foundation gives top priority to the dignity of the person considered to have inestimable value. The Foundation perceives corporate social responsibility to be related not only to employee working conditions, environmental protection and product quality, but also to the need and poverty existing in its country.