Impianto fotovoltaico “ISA”
Impianti fotovoltaici “BIANCOLINO” e “BELVEDERE”
Impianto fotovoltaico “NUVOLETO”
Impianto fotovoltaico “CASALE”
Impianto fotovoltaico “ISA”Località Teodorano (FC)
CGS Energia is the company of the group which handles the development and management of plants for the production of energy from renewable sources.

Through partnerships with qualified operators in design and construction and certain traders, CGS Energia is able to manage the entire production process, from concept to project financing to the sale of energy.



The investments made and the plant produced belong to the following sectors:

  • mini wind
  • mini biogas
  • photovoltaic solar
  • hydroelectric

CGS Energia invests in existing plants, also in a pool with other companies. It is able to carry out Due Diligence for institutional investors, and is an ESCO (Energy Service Company) in the energy saving sector.

CGS Energia is working on:

  • more than 60 plants evaluated in Italy and abroad (primarily Romania)
  • 10 photovoltaic systems under management, of which 5 are related to agriculture
  • 8 photovoltaic systems developed for itself or for third parties
  • 3 plants under development (1 mini-hydroelectric 2 mini wind)
  • 3 1 MW photovoltaic plants (via SPV)