Company details
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In the spring of 2003, CGS Consolidamenti S.P.A. was founded from the brilliant idea of a small group of entrepreneurs/managers from five historical companies in Emilia-Romagna. It is a company specialised in services aimed at the stabilisation and improvement of road surfaces and sub-bases.

In a few years, CGS Consolidamenti became one of the first companies in Europe in the cold recycling sector, in addition to being one of the top three companies in Italy in the well-known sector of stabilisation of sub-bases. Technical expertise, ongoing research, investment in last-generation machinery and the development of an internal geotechnical laboratory are the keys to the company's success.

A corporate strategy aimed at constant growth led to the creation of CGS GROUP, a brand that includes CGS CONSOLIDAMENTI, CGS LAB for the analysis and pre-qualification of materials, CGS AMBIENTE for the characterisation and reclamation of contaminated sites and CGS ENERGIA for the development of energy production plants from renewable sources.

The strong push towards internationalisation in recent years has led to the opening of new CGS Consolidamenti locations in Romania and the United Arab Emirates.




CGS Group is a company that has been operating for over 10 years with international offices.

Despite the critical global economic situation, in the last three years, the Group has maintained a revenue of about 15 million euro by relying on a strict policy of internationalisation and investment in machinery and technology. A professional staff of over 40 people work every day to offer the best possible service. CGS Group firmly believes in the opportunities created by the synergy of companies with common goals. For this reason, since its foundation, it has been focused on creating and actively participating in a network of companies oriented towards internationalisation, among other things:


  • Ance - National Builders' Association which represents the Italian construction industry. The CEO is a member at the provincial and national level with responsibility for internationalisation;
  • Percorsi erratici - business network for radical innovation that aims to facilitate the generation of highly innovative business.
  • Belli Group Italia – architecture and urban design completely Made in Italy
  • Consorzio Made it – a consortium of Italian companies with a common internationalisation plan
  • Confindustria Romania
  • Fondazione Romagna Solidale - social