CGS Group has structured its own internal laboratory for the calculation and design of roadway planning that is newly proposed as well as for the proposal of variants of existing designs.

Therefore it is equipped for analysis, pre-qualification of materials, study of mixtures and development of new technological solutions.

CGS Lab brings about a reduction in design time and quality control at all stages of the work performed by CGS Consolidamenti.

Through agreements with Italian universities and some private laboratories, CGS Lab experiments with new binders and the development of cold bituminous products in order to propose the development of variants and innovative procedures in the stabilisation sector.

In addition, CGS Consolidamenti also has equipped mobile laboratories to perform daily on-site checks requested by the DLs and, if necessary, correct the work performed during construction.

CGS Lab carries out:

  • Sampling and geotechnical/mechanical analysis of soil to be stabilised in order to obtain the calibration of the recipe;
  • Sampling and pre-qualification of bituminous materials to be regenerated;
  • Design of roadway planning and calculation of durability with elastic multi-layer software or finite elements;
  • Checks on work after completion including destructive testing, density testing, load testing, laboratory fatigue testing;